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Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME)

Doctors in any branch of medicine are likely to have some teaching responsibilities for undergraduates, postgraduates, peers and other healthcare workers

Launched in August 2005, the ESME Programme has as its aims:

  • Identification of an essential set of competencies in teaching that all doctors should possess;
  • Delivery or accreditation of courses which address these competencies; and
  • Recognition of achievement of the minimum required competencies with the awarding of an ESME Certificate in Medical Education.

The ESME Programme is accredited by the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and was developed in collaboration with the late Miriam Friedman Ben-David, Stewart Mennin and Shaul Ben-David.

ESME Courses are typically, but not exclusively, delivered at major medical education meetings.

Information on future courses is available from AMEE