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More about AMEE

AMEE is an association for all with an interest in medical and other healthcare professions education. Its members are teachers, students, researchers and administrators across a range of medical disciplines and other professions, based in over 90 countries throughout the world. AMEE's interests span the continuum of education from undergraduate/basic training, through postgraduate/specialist training, to continuing professional development/continuing medical education.

AMEE organises an annual conference, held each year in a different European location. AMEE conferences now attract over 2500 participants from 80 countries, making it the largest dedicated medical/healthcare professions education conference worldwide.

The AMEE journal, Medical Teacher, published monthly, is free to individual and student members.

AMEE also produces a series of education guides on a range of topics, including Best Evidence Medical Education Guides reporting results of BEME Systematic Reviews in medical education.

Please go to www.amee.org for more information about AMEE, its activities and how you can join, or www.medicalteacher.org for more information about the journal.

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